SYNOPSIS  Series 2 marked the return of the Golden Globe nominated television drama  series set in the 1950’s about an investigative television programme, “The  Hour”, and it’s journalistic team.  In this series, the team investigate the underworld of 1950’s Soho, and the  politicians corrupted within. In doing so, they find themselves dangerously  drawn into, and at the mercy of, this criminal world.  All photos and videos are copyright of their respective owners and are used here only for showreel purposes. Shoot for the Moon Ltd About Us Contact Us USEFUL LINKS: THE HOUR Series 2  First TX : 14th November 2012  Episodes 5 & 6 : Director  Jamie Payne Writer  Abi Morgan  CAST: Freddie Lyon Ben Whishaw  Bel Rowley  Romola Garai  Hector Madden Dominic West  Randall Brown  Peter Capaldi Lix Storm  Anna Chancellor  Angus McCain Julian Rhind-Tutt  Marnie Madden  Oona Chaplin  Sissy Cooper  Lisa Greenwood  Isaac Wengrow Joshua McQuire  Raphael Cilenti  Vincent Riotta  Kiki Delaine  Hannah Tointon  Writer  Abi Morgan  Cinematographer:  David Luther  Composer  Kevin Sargent  Producer Ruth Kenley-Letts  Executive Producers: Jane Featherstone Abi Morgan  Derek Wax  Lucy Richer  KUDOS FILM AND TV PRODUCTIONS LTD  BBC 2