SYNOPSIS  Ashley Judd stars as Becca Winstone, an ex-CIA operative whose son goes missing while studying in  Europe. In trying to find him, she is pulled into a web of espionage and intrigue that only her wits and  special training will get her through.  An action adventure series full of twists and turns, the series was shot all over Europe, taking in such  glorious cities as Rome, Paris, Istanbul and Dubrovnik, and edited in Prague, where I was stationed for  seven months.  The series was executive produced by Gina Matthews and Grant Scharbo (Little Engine  Productions), for ABC Studios and Stillking Films.  All photos and videos are copyright of their respective owners and are used here only for showreel purposes. Shoot for the Moon Ltd About Us Contact Us MISSING   Season 1  First TX : 11th March 2012  Episode 3 : “Ice Queen” Director  Steve Shill  Writer  Paul Redford  Episode 4 : “Tell No Lies “ Director  Steve Shill  Writers Meredith Lavender / Marcie Ulin  Episode 9 : “Promise”  Director  James Strong Writer  James D. Parriott  Episode 10 : “Rain on the Evil and the Good“  Director  James Strong Writer  Gregory Poirier  USEFUL LINKS: CAST: Becca Winstone Ashley Judd  Paul Winstone Sean Bean Dax Miller  Cliff Curtis  Martin Newman  Ketih Carradine  Giancarlo Rossi  Adriano Giannini  Michael Winstone Nick Eversman  Violet  Heath Laura Donnelly  Jamie Ortega  Gina McKee  Susan Grantham  Laura Haddock  Creator Gregory Poirier  Producer Gideon Amir  Executive Producers: Steve Shill  Gregory Poirier  Gina Matthews  Grant Sharbo  James D Parriott