All photos and videos are copyright of their respective owners and are used here only for showreel purposes. Shoot for the Moon Ltd About Us Contact Us Ashley Judd, Sean Bean, and Cliff Curtis in MISSING This is the first look trailer for “Da Vinci’s Demons”, of which I edited episodes 3 & 6.  The show is the creation of David S Goyer (Batman Begins, Dark Knight Rises, Man Of  Steel, Blade Trilogy), who also writes, directs and produces on the show, and stars Tom  Riley, Laura Haddock, Lara Pulver, Tom Bateman and James Faulkner.  It is produced by Lee Morris, co-produced by Corey Reed and Kevin Blank, and executive  produced by Julie Gardner and Jane Tranter of BBC Worldwide for the Starz network.  Missing   An episonage adventure series starring Ashley Judd as an ex-CIA operative  who’s son is kidnapped while studying in Europe. She immediately flies out to  find him and finds herself enbroiled in a fight for survival that only her CIA  skills can get her out of. The Hour  A BBC television drama set in the 1950’s about an investigative programme  called The Hour and the team behind it. In Series 2, in which I edited episodes  5 and 6, the team investigate seedy Soho and the Politicians seduced by it. Dr Who - Hide (Series 7 Episode 9 - TX: 20th April 2013)  Set in a haunted house in the 1970’s, the Doctor investigates but discovers  this is no normal haunting.  RECENT WORK LATEST NEWS AND UPDATES Season Two of “Da Vinci’s Demons” has been greenlit by STARZ (18th April 2013) “Da Vinci’s Demons” premiered in America on the 12th April 2013, and premiered in the UK on the FX Channel on the 19th. Dr Who -Hide, screened on BBC1 on Saturday 20th April 2013 to rave reviews.